The Escape of the Seven

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The Escape of the Seven

The Escape of the Seven

Deep within the bowels of a dark and forbidding castle, seven prisoners languished in their cells. They had been captured by a cruel and tyrannical lord, who intended to keep them there forever.

But the prisoners were determined to escape. They had been planning their escape for months, and they knew that this was their only chance.

One night, while the guards were asleep, the prisoners made their move. They crept through the castle, avoiding the watchful eyes of the guards. They finally reached the castle gates, and they used a secret passage to escape into the night.

Castle gates at night

The prisoners knew that they were in danger. The lord’s guards would be searching for them soon. They had to find a place to hide where they could regroup and plan their next move.

They traveled for days, through forests and over mountains. They were exhausted and hungry, but they kept going. Finally, they reached a small village that was hidden in a remote valley.

The villagers were kind and welcoming. They gave the prisoners food and shelter, and they helped them to plan their next move.

The prisoners knew that they couldn’t stay in the village for long. The lord’s guards would eventually find them. They had to find a way to reach the safety of the neighboring kingdom.

Image of a Small village in a remote valley

The prisoners gathered their supplies and set off on their journey. They traveled by night and hid during the day. They were constantly on the lookout for the lord’s guards.

After several days of travel, the prisoners finally reached the border of the neighboring kingdom. They were exhausted, but they were also relieved. They had finally escaped from the lord’s castle and were now safe.

The prisoners crossed the border and entered the neighboring kingdom. They were greeted by the king and queen, who welcomed them with open arms. The king offered the prisoners asylum in his kingdom, and they gratefully accepted.

The prisoners were finally free. They had escaped from the lord’s castle and found safety in the neighboring kingdom. They had overcome great adversity, and they had proven that even the most powerful tyrant can be defeated.

Image of the King and queen welcoming the prisoners

The escape of the seven prisoners was a testament to the human spirit. It showed that even when faced with great challenges, we can overcome and achieve our goals.


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